Boxie For O’Neill

LBOX_20170213_0001-1This piece of clothing forms part of Boxie for The

Collective. For his first collaboration with O’Neill,

the Amsterdam-born artist has developed a number

of outspoken and surreal artworksreflecting his

unique character and fertile imagination. Working

from a creative studio inside a disused prison, Boxie

has drawn inspiration from O’Neill’s rich heritage,

including the O’Neill Sea Oddyssey, and merged it

with his distinctive style. The result is an altogether

otherworldly and intriguing line

What’s it all mean? That’s where your creative

interpretation comes in…


The Boxie For O’Neill collection excists of multiple items for men and women:

  • Snowboard jacket
  • Snowboard pants
  • Hoodies
  • Bags
  • T-Shirts


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